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*°~°* La Martina & La Madreselva : 1979

A short piece written for the sole purpose of filling a time gap in one of the first concerts my wife and I did together as a guitar duo. The title is the actual names of the instruments we were playing at the time. The recording was made during a rehearsal.

    > The music score in PDF (2 pages) 





*°~°* SONATA K173 : Domenico Scarlatti

A piece transcribed from harpsichord to two guitars. There is a version in D published by Ed. Peters. Mine is more like the original... The sound file is created from Finale (save as midi) and finally exported from Garageband.

    > The music score in PDF (4 pages) 



*°~°* NUAGES : Django Reinhardt

During three weeks in the middle of October and November 1980 a friend from Tromsø and yours truly were doing some 44 school concerts at Lofoten Norway. The weather was great and it was a major experience due to the grandiose nature of Lofoten. The recording was made via the build in microphone of a small and low-budget tape recorder with automatic input level. It is still possible to sense the presence of some 40 children sitting on the floor in the gymnasium. The hiss noises comes from unsettled gym shoes on the varnished floor, but the Maxell C-90 cassette cartridge also does it's very best to be audible. And it was early, like 8 in the morning ;-)
The score is a bit sketchy but, anyways...

    > The music score in PDF (4 pages) 



*°~°* BACH : from Sonata #1 for solo violin

This is an old arrangement/transcription of the first and third movement from the first violin Sonata by the great Johan Sebastian Bach. First I fell in love with the Fuge and got curious about its origin. So I ended up playing the lute version of the fuge together with these two movements (the fourth and last movement didn't intrigue me enough musically so it got left out). The Sonata is originally in g minor, with the Siciliano in the parallel key B flat major. So, in A minor the Siciliano should end up in C major, but I got the idea from Julian Bream to put it in A and that worked much better, IMHO ;-)
The score is from pre-computer times...

    > The music score in PDF - handwritten (3 pages)
    > The score in PDF - slightly revised and easier on the eye (3 pages)



*°~°* LAC : Opus Something

The other night I was up far too late trying out new fingerings for a piece and suddenly I found myself playing this little tune instead.
So, here's a little something for you all. When you're down, feeling to happy - it may be soothing - or not...
The sound file comes directly from Finale 2008

    > The score in PDF (1 page : revised 2018)



*°~°* LAC : entrance

entrance was written for the poor guitarists who were applying for a place as student at the Collage of Music in Gothenburg 1993. The test was meant to probe their ability to make a “musical statement” with only a brief moment of rehearsal with the flutist. The sound file comes from Garageband.

    > The score in PDF (2 pages)



*°~°* Juan Maria da Crema : Recerchar Quarto

This is Italian lute music from the sixteenth century. The sound file is ment to make
you get a sense of how it could sound, played by wind instruments...
The score comes in two versions, one with modern guitar tuning and one with
the third string tuned down to F sharp.

    > The score in PDF (new version) (2 pages)
    > The score in PDF third string to f# (2 pages)




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